Noah's movie list

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TitleLatest ratingCried?Last watchWatch countWatched with
Interstellar9.02023-05-312Jacob Heasley, Molly Lawrence, Amber Willis, Tim Dietsch, Jonathan Danley, Allison Harnly, Caleb Nasman
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty9.02023-08-082Allison Harnly, Jacob Heasley, Tim Dietsch, Jonathan Danley, Northern Frontier staff
La La Land8.92023-01-142Jason Rosamilia, Michele Rosamilia, Jacob Heasley
The Lego Movie8.82023-01-241Jacob Heasley
Castle in the Sky8.82023-11-272Noah Henry, Lucas Wingfield, Tim Dietsch, Allison Harnly, Sophia Applegate
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe8.52023-12-101Josh Mably, Sophia Applegate, Philip Applegate, Jonathan Danley
Baby Driver8.52024-01-052Lydia Murphy, Tim Dietsch
The Lego Batman Movie8.52024-01-111Micah Warren
Kiki's Delivery Service8.42023-04-191Allison Harnly, Abby Nolte, Jacob Heasley, Tim Dietsch, Jonathan Danley
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish8.32024-01-073Micah Warren, Elizabeth Schwab, Northern Frontier staff, Lydia Murphy, Tim Dietsch, Philip Applegate
Porco Rosso8.22023-10-081Elizabeth Schwab, Micah Warren, Daniel Hibshman, Sarah Hibshman, Lydia Murphy, Philip Applegate
Napoleon Dynamite8.02023-07-262Hannah Dunsworth, Christopher Dunsworth, Sarah Gomez, Noah Henry, Jeff Endres, Jacob Friedenburg
The Super Mario Bros. Movie7.82023-04-081Caleb Nasman, Sarah Struble, Michael Bender, Abbey Bender
Spirited Away7.82023-10-301Paul Halberstadt, Micah Warren
The Peanut Butter Falcon7.62023-06-072Paul Halberstadt, Evelyn Halberstadt, Jemima Ukwela, Bekky Dovci, Michele Rosamilia, Jason Rosamilia
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse7.62023-06-292Jason Rosamilia, Luke DeVries, Jacob Harold, Tylan Kelly, Nate Liu, Lydia Murphy
The Incredibles7.62023-11-211Caleb Nasman, Sarah Nasman
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl7.52024-01-261Micah Warren, Lydia Murphy, Josh Mably, Philip Applegate, Elizabeth Schwab, Tim Dietsch
Finding Nemo7.32024-01-061Lydia Murphy, Tim Dietsch
Sneakers7.22023-10-142Caleb Nasman, Jacob Heasley, Dana Reigle, Heather Willis
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles7.22024-02-042Jacob Heasley, Molly Lawrence, Luke Johnson, Lydia Murphy, Tim Dietsch
Groundhog Day7.12024-02-022Caleb Nasman, Josh Mably, Sophia Applegate, Tim Dietsch, Lydia Murphy, Jacob Heasley, Allison Harnly
The Rainmaker7.02023-05-301Caleb Nasman
Serenity7.02023-06-021Seth Weaver-Rosamilia, Taylor Weaver-Rosamilia, Jason Rosamilia
Weird: The Al Yankovic Story6.92023-01-131Caleb Nasman
Spaceballs6.92023-03-301Caleb Nasman
Song of the Sea6.82023-01-101
Falling Down6.82023-04-071Caleb Nasman
The Boy and the Heron6.82023-12-071Micah Warren, Sarah Gomez, Elizabeth Schwab
Rocky6.82023-12-231Jason Rosamilia, Michele Rosamilia, Luke Rosamilia
Ragamuffin6.72023-03-151Jacob Heasley, Allison Harnly, Tim Dietsch, Jonathan Danley, Elena Messina, Katie Rush
Forrest Gump6.62023-03-291Jacob Heasley, Allison Harnly, Jonathan Danley, Elena Messina
Toy Story 46.62023-05-071Allison Harnly, Jacob Heasley
Raiders of the Lost Ark6.52023-03-181Jacob Heasley, Josh Mably, Heather Willis, Amber Willis, Philip Applegate, Katie Rush, Lydia Murphy
Cast Away6.52023-08-161Caleb Nasman
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part6.42023-01-271Jacob Heasley
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog6.32023-05-231
John Wick: Chapter 46.32023-12-271Ron Nasman, Linda Nasman, Andrew Nasman, Ben Nasman, Naomi Neudorf, Caleb Nasman, Sarah Nasman, Micah Nasman
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest6.32024-02-081Tim Dietsch, Lydia Murphy, Micah Warren, Josh Mably, Elizabeth Schwab
Tick, Tick... Boom!6.22023-10-051Lydia Murphy, Molly Lawrence, Tim Dietsch
National Treasure6.22024-01-131Haddon Fox, Lilly Fox
Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny6.02023-07-041Coleson Prairie, Michael Thompson Logan
Knight and Day6.02023-09-111Caleb Nasman
Asteroid City5.92024-02-071Caleb Nasman
Migration5.82023-12-281Charles Gillett
The Wizard of Oz5.62023-11-241Larry Fleming, Scott Fleming, Nalene Fleming, Anna Fleming, Emma Fleming, Matthew Fleming, Noah Fleming
UHF5.52022-11-301Jacob Heasley
Bruce Almighty5.52023-02-201Haddon Fox
Rango5.42023-04-141Allison Harnly, Jonathan Danley, Jacob Heasley, Tim Dietsch
Ratatouille5.32023-04-121Jacob Heasley, Jonathan Danley, Katie Rush, Allison Harnly
Amazing Grace5.22023-04-021Allison Harnly, Sophia Applegate, Jonathan Danley, Jacob Heasley
Zoolander5.02023-02-211Haddon Fox
Bullet Train3.52022-12-041Haddon Fox, Lilly Fox
Barbie3.22023-07-241Noah Henry
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me2.02022-12-311Charles Gillett